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maybe God bless you. Today we are going to know, what is prayer? Why do people pray? And what is the benefit of praying? Friends, I hope that after knowing the answers to these questions, you will get blessings from God. So if you want to know what is Prayer and what is the Prayer of benefits? Then reading to this article continue.

1:- What is Prayer?

Many people give many types of opinions about prayer.

Because prayer is a means of strengthening the relationship between God and humans.

I say, prayer is a way to reduce the distance between God and humans.

And prayer is a means of getting blessings from God.

Off ourse prayer is a process of talking to God.

Prayer is one such means you can get anything from God using it.

2:- why do people pray?

(I) The will of God is that humans pray. in Jeremiah 33: 2-3 It has written, Whoever created the earth and stabilizes all creation, His name is God, he says this, pray to me and I will listen to you and tell you all the things. What you don’t know. Because God wants people of all creation to pray. God wants all people to pray to him. God wants all people to kneeling near him. Psalm 22:29.

(ii) People believe that praying brings blessings to God. It is written in James 5: 13-17, Pray if you are unhappy, sick and sinful. Elijah was also a human. But prayed that it did not rain. And it did not rain for three and a half years. God listens by praying with faith. That is why all the people of the world pray, except atheistic humans.

3:- what is the benefit of praying?

What is Prayer?
What is Prayer?

In Luke 22:40, the Lord says, pray that you do not fall into temptation. The protection of God rests on you by praying. Satan does not tempt you.

Sometimes this happens, people in the church have to face trouble due to some problem, then they start talking against the chief and God, and accuse them. It is written in Numbers 21: 4-7, that is how the Israelites spoke against Moses and God. So the Lord was angry, and sent fiery serpents. They bit the people and many Israelis died. Then they said to Moses that we have sinned by speaking against you and God. So pray to the Lord for us to take away the snakes from us.

it is written in Matthew 18: 19-20, where two or three people ask for something in my name, they will get it. Because where two or three people gather in my name, I am present in their midst. Therefore, the importance of prayer should be understood.

It is written in Mark 11:24, whatever you pray and ask, believe that you have found it. Then that will be done for you. Prayer is based on faith. If you believe and ask for anything, you will get it according to the word of the Lord.

Pray to God

It is written in John 14: 13-14, Whatever you ask in my name, I will provide for the glory of the Father. If someone says good or bad about your parents, you will not feel good. Who is a son who does not want to praise his father? Here also the Lord Jesus listen to those seeking, for the praise and glory of his father.

It is written in Psalm 50:15, In the days of trouble you call me, I will save you and you shall glorify me. If you are in any problem, then pray to God, he will listen to your prayers. This is what God wants people to pray for and find God. If you walk truthfully and sincerely. Then God will not delay in hearing your prayers.

This shows that, by praying, God listens. Then offers the reward according to the prayer. Matthew 6: 6. There are many words about prayer. Which will not even end with writing. But to strengthen your faith, all these words have to be meditated on.


you may have known God since childhood. Prayers must have doing from childhood. Still keep trying to get information about God and his knowledge. When you search from laptop computer and mobile, you must have searched many things besides God. But it is foolish to side with God. So I say that all your work should start with prayer. So that every difficulty in your life will become easier.

God bless you for reading to continue

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