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Dear people of God, God bless you abundantly. Everyone wants happiness in their life. Nobody wants to live in misery. But the one who has the grace of God, gets happiness and peace in life.

But today we will try to know some things from God.

This is that, you should know about the blessings of God. But, how to know when God is blessing you? What will happen when God give you blessings?

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1:- Test (how to know when God is blessing you)

Today we will try to understand some things, people who have been blessed according to the Bible. What kind of activities were going on in his life before getting blessing.

When a man starts living without sin. He has to go through the test even though there is no sin in his life. They face a lot of problems, diseases, epidemics and persecution. So understand that you are going to be blessed. God told Abraham that the world would receive blessings from your descendants. Nevertheless, God-inspired Abraham to sacrifice his son on Mount of Moriah. Genesis 22:2-3. If Abraham had said, I have only one son, I will not sacrifice. Then he does not get God’s blessing. Romans 4:20-21

Genesis 37:12-28 / Genesis 39:7-20 Look at the test of Joseph’s life. He suffered atrocities by brothers in his life., After the false persecution of Potiphar’s wife, he was sentenced to prison. All of this was very painful for Joseph. Still, he did not want to sin before God. As a result, he is blessed to become the Prime Minister of the country of Egypt. James 2:2-4

2: God’s place

Where do you live In place of God or in a worldly place? Because your place of living will tell you whether you will be blessed or not. (If you are in a worldly place, not in a straightforward way, that is, living in adultery, intoxication, quarrels, jealousy, and profanity, then understand that you are not blessed. Romans 13:13) But if you are in God’s place, That is, obeying God, keeping distance from sin and praying to God etc. Then know that you will be blessed. Because it is written like this in John 6:65, no one can come to me unless a boon is given from the Father. If you walk according to God’s will, you are in God’s place. And Ashish is going to get you.

3: worship to God by fear.

how to know when God is blessing you?
how to know when God is blessing you?

do you do worship to God by fearing? Do you fear God when you do something wrong? If the fear of God prevents you from sinning, then understand that blessings are going to come to you. Because this is what God wants from you, to fear him, walk in his ways, love him, serve him with your mind and soul, which will benefit you. Deuteronomy 10: 12–13. Psalm 2:11, Psalm 4: 4. It is often seen that people think of themselves as intelligent, and do evil. But God says, fear God and stay away from evil. By doing this you will be healthy.

Proverbs 3: 7-8. If you fear God, you will never work against God. Because everyone knows that it is a sin to work against God. He who does not fear God cannot truly love God. If you consider God’s fearing, then blessings is starting in your house from today.


The truth is that the giving of blessing is work of God. There is nothing in the hands of simple people. If you lead a life of purity. if throw out injustice and sin from your life. if you wear the commandment of God by making your necklace a necklace. Then the grace of God may be upon you, and you may be blessed. If you walk according to the will of God, you will be blessed according to their promise.

Because he is not a man who changes his will, he gives promise, then he also fulfills the promise. Numbers 23:19.

God bless you for reading to continue.

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