how to activate the God’s blessings?

my dear God’s people! God bless you. In this article, I want to tell you how to activate the God’s blessings? Because without blessings people’s lives are full of sorrow. Because of not having blessings, people are surrounded by problems at home, in business, at work, in family, by illness. one thing that I want to tell you is that you will be blessed by God. That’s why you found this article. Otherwise, no one gets God’s word. If you want to learn some things, you are welcome.

1: The holy person activate God’s blessings

“Blessed are those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.” Matthew 5: 8. It is true that God does not bless sinners. Therefore, keep yourself holy in the eyes of God. “And you will be holy to me; because I, Jehovah, I am holy myself, and I have separated you from the people of other countries, so that you will continue to be mine. Leviticus 20:26. 1 Peter 1: 15-16 God expects you to lead a holy life, you’re a Christian, that means you’re God’s chosen people, so keep your distance from sin and activate God’s blessings.

2: Place the first place for God and His people.

who do you place first? If you want to get a blessing, then keep the first place for God. Because people want to get blessings. But they do not keep God in the first place. Therefore they do not get blessings. They talk of walking according to the will of God. But they do not want to follow God. Because they draw attention to the subject matter of the world. And they following worldly things. If you are also this type of human, then be careful. because you may be deprived of the blessing.

Because the Lord Jesus says in Mathew 10: 37–38; Who want to loves their parents and children more than me, And whoever does not take up the cross and follow me, is not worthy of me.

if you welcome God’s people, you welcome the Lord Jesus. And if you welcome the Lord Jesus, you welcome God the Father. If you welcome the prophets, the righteous and the pastors, you will receive the reward accordingly. Matthew 10:40-41

if you consider a pastor to be a follower of the Lord and give to drink a cup of cold water, you will get a reward. Matthew 10:42 | Markus 9:41. So whenever you give something to someone as a person of Christ, you activate the blessing.

3: Lends to God. For activate God’s blessings

Lends to God. How to activate the God's blessings?
how to activate God’s blessings?

How can it be possible that people lend to God? But the word says,” He who gives favour to the poor, lends to Jehovah, and he will receive the reward of his work.” Proverbs 19:17. “Whose eyes appear compassion, he will be blessed. Because he gives bread to the poor. Proverbs 22: 9

No one can give anything to God, but God gives to people. But giving to the poor is considered as giving to God. If you want to be blessed, you need to lends to God according to the word.

4: Those who love God and obey him.

Those who love God and obey his commands, God makes a covenant with them and has mercy on them. Nehemiah 1: 5. Deuteronomy 7:9. Therefore, do not be lax in obeying God. Otherwise, your blessing will go out of your hands.

5: Prayer and confession of sin.

When you sit in prayer, kneel and confess your sin, and pray to God. Daniel 9: 3-4. May God forgive you of your sins and bless you. Therefore, it is important to confess our sins with prayer. Then you will be blessed. Otherwise, the curse will be found instead of being blessed due to sin. So whenever you pray, do not forget to confess your sins.

God bless you for reading continue.

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