The victory of Christians is in the Word of God.

The victory of Christians is in the Word of God.

The victory of Christians is in the Word of God. People never want to lose. Whether it is in sports, or in everyday life, victory is the priority of the people. People get depressed after being defeated. But think once, when you feel bad about losing, then when you win by defeating others, you get happiness. But the loser must have been hurt. So, today we will learn about how to share our small happiness with others.

Do you envy others’ happiness? There are some people who are jealous of the happiness of others. This happens because people do not get proper education. Since childhood, we have been educated about self-interest. People are rarely seen to be happy in the happiness of others. Because people think about themselves first.

I say Christ people should never lose. Because the Lord Jesus lives with you. So you can never lose. You guys must have won a lot. But if you want to win then win the hearts of people. Because when you win people’s hearts, you will not be afraid of losing. And thus you will always win.

Today Bible verses

Because everything that originates from God wins the world, and the victory that conquers the world is our faith. 1 John 5: 4

The victory of Christians is in the Word of God
The victory of Christians is in the word of God

If you worship God with a sincere heart. If you follow their orders and all the rules, no one can beat you. No power of the world can defeat you. Illness, problem, crisis and evil cannot defeat you. But your faith should be strong.

When you become a winner and you get a gift, how long does that happiness last for you. A month lasts for 2 months and at most six months. If you always want to be happy, start sharing happiness. Give comfort to the afflicted and help the poor. But beware of some anti-social people. Because antisocial people can name your help as selfish gain. Because no one wants to accept the truth.

I have come in my father’s name, and you do not receive me; If someone else comes in his own name, you will accept him. John 5:43

Work carefully.

If you truly help people. They share happiness with people. Then people will think bad about you. But whoever will help people for their selfish gain. Who would like to benefit in the name of aid. Who would like to share happiness for political victory. People will accept it immediately. Because they will do this to gain selfishness and something. Therefore, you should work carefully.

Nowadays, people who think well are found less. But there is no shortage of people who do evil. I want to say to the people of Christ, whether you are small or big, rich or poor, the teachings of the Lord should be accepted well. Because nowadays Christians are deteriorating more. They do not want to embrace the happiness of God, but focus on the happiness of the world. This creates a feeling of selfishness in the mind. Go to church but the focus remains elsewhere. They pray, but don’t mind God. He hears the word, but does not follow it accordingly.

No one will tolerate calling you bad. You will not accept the teachings of God either. So tell me what kind of education you should be given. So that you become a good Christian.

If you want victory in your life, then you keep the word of God in your heart. You can do anything, but you cannot conquer the world without God’s word.

People of God, I want to tell you one thing, what remains good and true, people also do not want to receive it quickly. Just like the Jewish people did not want to receive God. So I hope that if you keep reading, then you will keep updating your mind with the words of God. Which will give you a new life.


Dear Lord Jesus, it is difficult to conquer the world without you. It is impossible to win without you in life or in sports, in sickness or in problem, in misery or in turmoil. Whoever comes to your refuge receives your compassion. Father Supreme Lord Jesus accept our request and extend your all-powerful hand. So that from Kovid-19, every kind of disease, problem, crisis, sorrow, and all kinds of unrest won us in your name. Compassionate those who are trapped in sickness, problem, crisis and misfortune. So that your name can be glorified. I make this request in your holy feet. Amen..

God bless you for reading continue.

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