Learn to recognize sin

Ethical purity. (Learn to recognize sin)

Learn to recognise sin. However, Jesus taught the importance of ethical purity.

When faced with the shortage of formal washing of the disciples,

Jesus declares that it’s not what someone puts inside their mouth that defines them, but rather comes out of their mouth. Matthew 15: 1-20. Mark 7: 1-; 23) .

in todays era, people pay more attention to cleanliness. But the idea of people is limited to clean the outside of the body.

But people do not pay attention to their inner cleanliness. The meaning of the Lord’s saying is, by thinking wrongly, by speaking the wrong thing, they pollute themselves. Suppose you are speaking abusive language again and again. Whose image is getting spoiled by this. Yours or those outside? Then you can also impure.

It is mandatory to pay attention to cleanliness.

But the way you clean the outer part of the body, similarly clean the inside as well.

That is, cleaning your soul is also mandatory.  Because when the body will ill, you will get medicine for it. but when the soul is sick, no one can cure him except God. just like you trying hard to keep the body healthy. In the same way, keep trying to keep the your soul healthy.

Because the body can also die due to illness of the soul. just like social distance maintenance has to be done for coronavirus.

Keep distance from sin

In the same way, you should always keep your distance from sin and keep the soul healthy.

Because sin is a very big disease. Therefore do not ignore the warning of the Lord Jesus. so learn to recognize sin

Learn to recognise sin.
learn to recognize sin

He warned against the sins of the people, including: immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, malice, cheating, jealousy, envy, slander, arrogance, and stupidity.

Therefore, as followers of Jesus, it’s important for us to make sure that we examine our hearts daily so we remain pure (Psalm 139: 23-24). 

god warns that people should improve their ways and become oriented towards God. But people are like the orthodox Persians.

You have drunk a lot of milk. Right now you are not a children. Therefore, you do not need a soft word like milk.

But you need the strong word of God. God wants you not to do sin. Whether it is physical, mental and spiritual. You should avoid sin. People talk a lot about being clean from outside. But forget to cleanse the sin.

God asks do you want to be pure for me? Will you be holy to me?

Will you obey my commands?

And will you follow the path shown by me? If you say yes then you are blessed.

Worship with Sincere heart

But saying this will not work. Will have to show it through work too. God has to worship with a sincere heart.

While Jesus taught on many this list speaks of the people of his ministry and also the teaching of God’s kingdom.

He calls us as believers to obey, obey, love and serve God et al. After we trust in ourselves, concentrate to his Word regularly, and by going with him in prayer, we will follow his teachings and live a lifetime of true discipleship.

It is important to learn to recognise sin and avoid from sin.


my sincere and good God, I thank you wholeheartedly that you have protected us from all kinds of evils. May your glory last forever. Praise be to you, and thank you. We will always worship you, so be compassionate. The merciful Father God, impart knowledge to hear and understand your words. Give wisdom to walk as your wish. Forgive our sins for singing the glory of your name. Cleanse and sanctify us so that we may sing your glory. Father, give us more vision in times of crisis and keep us safe. Please listen to my small request. Amen ..

God bless you for reading continue..

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