complants of God You do not want to hear the voice of God.

Dear people of God, may God give you peace and joy. People always want to hear good news. People do not like bad news. Bad news may also have to be heard before good news. Do not think that everything is good for you. To become good, gold also has to be heated. People always want that they get the word of blessing. But today I have come before you with the complaints of God, not the word of blessing.

If you suffer from reading, you will be blessed. So let’s move on to the word in which it is written.

Listen Owners voice. Complants of God

The ox recognizes his master and the donkey the manger of his master, but Israel does not know me, my people do not think. Isaiah 1: 3

i have to write with sad, that pets listen to the owners voice. The ox, donkey, or horse recognize the sound of their owners.

Man, whom God created the most beautiful and in his form, does not recognize God. Pets recognize their owners’ voices. But what is lacking in man who does not recognize God. Are you one of that those people? Who pretend to recognize God. Test yourself and focus on the things of God. Lest you get a curse in return for God’s blessings.

because God does not lie. He fulfills his promise. Do you recognize the voice of God? Only true-minded people recognize the voice of God. The Lord Jesus says, My sheep recognizes my voice. First of all, check yourself and leave the rest to God. People should listen to the voice of God with body and mind. But humans do not want to hear the voice of God. People find the voice of the world sweet. People say that God is his own and later they will listen to their voice. God says, son keep the world ahead and push me back. When I slap, you will remember your grandmother.

Love of God

lord Jesus, even after shedding your blood, if you sin, you do not recognize the voice of God. Every step of yours must be done according to God’s will. Try to listen to their sounds. God could even raised a stick to kill you. but he didn’t do that. because he loves you.

1 Corinthians 4:21 I wrote, What do you want me to come to you with a stick or with a spirit of love and humility?

Complants of God
Comments of God-You do not want to hear the voice of God.

Although he could subdue people by punishing. But he did not do so. Therefore, so, friends do not ignore the voice of lord.


O Almighty God, I thank you wholeheartedly that you have saved us from all evil and kept us safe in this day. give power you to identify correctly.

Because we humans continue to search and recognize the things of the world. We fall in the sin and ignore your call. Therefore, dear God, forgive our crime, and accept our request. Amen ..

God bless you for reading continue..

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