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bible verses of the day come to me

bible verses of the day come to me. Hail Christ’s friends, how are you? Today I want to explain to you about Matthew 11:28-30 there. It says, “Come to me, all those who are toiling and burdened.” I will give you rest.

If you are a working man. If you work in any government or private sectors company, then you will know that after working 6 days, the seventh day is rested. Why is it rested? Because under the rules of the Ministry of Labor, it is mandatory for him to rest on the seventh day after working for any 6 days.A man should rest after working a 48-hour routine. Even after 48 hours, if a routine works, then its health problem can come. Therefore it is necessary to rest.

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bible verses of the day
bible verses

Truth be told, people’s lives remain entangled in the tension of the world. People never get peace. Because the work of the people never ends. As soon as one work is finished, the other work also comes to them. As long as people are alive, there is some work to be done. If we go to the Lord Jesus, we will be rested.

What should we do get rest?

First of all, we need to know what kind of burden humans are burdened with? Work, anger, greed, love, jealousy etc. the burden of sin. Along with this, the burden of disease, crisis, problem, fear, disturbance of mind, fight, quarrels also bothers people. If we want rest from all the burdens of the world, then the Lord Jesus’ burdened has to be lifted on himself.

Today Bible verses

It is written in Matthew 11:29,Take my yoke upon you; And learn from me; Because I am humble and lowly in heart: and you will find rest in your heart.

Matthew 11:30 says, because my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

If we take up the yoke of the Lord Jesus, we will find peace. Because the yoke of the Lord is meek and full of lowliness. We do not want to humble ourselves.

People ourselves become arrogant. We are tired of carrying the weight of the world, yet do not want to learn from the Lord. People feel depressed under the burden of sin. Yet they do not take the name of improvement.

Psalms 55:22 says,..cast your cares on the Lords and he will sustain you, he will never let the righteous be shaken.

Therefore you have to learn from the Lord Jesus. Walk according to the will of God. Trust in God. Trust that the Lord is capable of handling you. You will believe that God is able to save you from all kinds of pandemics. Lord Jesus will not let anything happen to you. Remember, he has risen from the dead for you once. Only he wants you to believe in him and repent sin by repenting. Leave the rest of your present and future in his hand, he will handle you.


Lord Almighty, you want people to leave the burden of sin and follow your teachings. Because you know how people fall into worldly temptation and sin. God Almighty, whoever reads this word of today, give him the discretion to understand it well. So that he learns to trust you. Walk according to your wish and lighten the burden of your life. Provide any trust in you, bless them in kindness. God Almighty, listen to my request and please take me to heaven. Amen. God bless all people for reading this article and bible-verses.

God bless you for reading continue.

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