Adultery in the bible-is adultery forgiven in the bible

adultery in the bible – is adultery forgiven in the bible

my dear people, God bless you very much. Today, we want to tell you specifically about the sin of adultery. Because human civilization is currently undergoing sin and adultery. Because the Lord Jesus himself called the people of this age adulterers.Mathew 16: 4. Today we will talk about adultery with 3 points. Number 1: adultery in the bible, number 2: is adultery forgiven in the Bible? and 3: a way to avoid sin and adultery.

1: adultery in the bible

Everyone knows what adultery is. You know this there is no benefit from telling it again and again. But we have to focus on how sin can be avoided. Before talking about it, we have to know how adultery happens?

People commit adultery mainly through eye, body, spiritual, mind and brain. Eye, mind and spiritual adultery are committed by any person alone. Watching with dirty eyes is not just an adultery., But due to watching dirty photos and dirty movies on the internet social media platforms is also sin. people commit adultery in their mind.

Spiritual adultery means worshipping other gods and goddesses except God.

(Exodus 34: 15-16) Spiritual adultery also occurs alone. Physical adultery does not occur alone. But it is happening due to two non-men and women wrong relationship. What separates man from God

But the body is not for adultery, Is for God. 1 Corinthians 6:13. Therefore, the sin of adultery should be avoided. Because all sins are from outside the body, but fornication is against his body. Therefore, one should stay away from sin.

“For this is the will of God, [even] your sanctification, that ye abstain from fornication;” 1 Thessalonians 4: 3.

God does not want anyone to live under sin and adultery. God wants you to be pure and pure.

But for fear of adultery, every man should have his wife, and every woman’s husband. 1 Corinthians 7: 2

2: is adultery forgiven in the bible?

Adultery in the bible
adultery in the bible – is adultery forgiven in the bible

Do you apologize for sin? Because those who do not want to sin again will be forgiven.

Because even after asking for forgiveness, God does not forgive those who repeatedly commit sins.

God wants to forgive. Are you ready for that? Why do you late, repent that God will forgive you.

God gave you a chance, so repent. Repent before instigating God’s wrath. Otherwise you will have to take a lot of trouble. Revelation 2: 21-22

The Lord Jesus forgave the adulterous woman. But he said, do not sin again. John 8: 3-11 The Lord Jesus will forgive you too. But he also tells you not to sin again.

3: Way to avoid sin and adultery
adultery on the bible – is adultery forgiven in the bible

way to avoid sin and adultery.To avoid sin one must find the cause of sin. Lord Jesus says, “If your eyes cause sin, remove it and throw.” If your hand causes sin, cut it off and throw it away. Mathew 5: 29-30

In actual fact, you will not harm your eyes and hands. But due to which a desire for adultery is awakened, remove it in front of you. If you say, I will not commit adultery.

But on the internet, you watch porn movies. you watch dirty picture. you watch dirty eyes to women. You think dirty in your mind. Then how can you avoid sin? So you avoid this type of thing in your life.

adultery is committed in the name of love nowadays. So avoid playing dirty love. Learn to be a role model in your youth. Take care that no one can despise the time of your youth.1 Timothy 4:12.

If God can forgive you, can’t he save you from sinning? Surely he can save you from sin. But you have to walk with a pure mind. Will have to live in purity. So run away from your youthful desires. Take the name of Jesus with a pure heart. 2 Timothy 2:22

like Joseph, keep yourself holy to God. Satan leads people into sin. Whenever you feel the desire for adultery, then you scolded in the name of Jesus. Adultery is a weakness of man. If you believe Jesus to be God, then you scold the devil and desire of adultery in the name of Jesus. Jesus has given you this right. Matthew 10: 1

in Jesus’ name is the power from which evil spirits and sickness is out. Satan creates a desire for sin in your mind. Therefore, command in the name of Jesus for our evil thought to in your life. Young people, when you do not sleep because of a bad idea.

Command to remove evil desire from the powerful name of Jesus. When you think to sin in your mind, keep speaking continue to name of Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus Jesus. Because this power in the name of Jesus will free you from the habits of sin. Whenever a desire for adultery arises in your mind, keep speaking to the name of Jesus again and again. anyway you were Continue to say the name of Jesus.

if you place God first. If you follow God with love and fear, you will not sin. Yusuf was also a human like us. But he used to walk in fear of God. Therefore he did not commit adultery. Genesis 39: 7–12.

But you keep praying to God. Because when you start giving up on sin, then Satan will attack again and will want to put into sin. The Lord will be with you as you continue to pray and recite the Word because you talk to the Lord during prayer. And the Lord talks to you by reading the Word. Therefore you will get rid of sin. If you want to leave sin, God will be with you. Blessing will be with you. No matter what the sin is, the Lord can liberate you. So what are you waiting for, put your mind in the Lord and drive away sin? Praise the Lord. Hallelujah.


adultery on the bible

Dear Lord Jesus, forgive all those who want to leave sin. Today I specially request you to forgive adultery. Because fornication sins turn people away from you. Therefore, those who are trapped in these dirty habits, free them. Liberate adulterous people by your powerful name. Save them from all kinds of sins to those who pray and do devotion. kindly listen to my prayers and bless them. Amen.

God bless you for reading continue.

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  2. Are the long sins of adultery, evil words & mind (thoughts) are forgiven by God Biblically if a person changes lator say 2 years?


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